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Pasadena City College Instructor Who Admitted to Sex With Students to Retire


The Chronicle of Higher Education.  September 12, 2013.  Hugo Schwyzer, an instructor at Pasadena City College who was facing an investigation for admitting to having sex with his students as recently as 2011, intends to retire, according to the Pasadena City College Courier, the college’s student newspaper.

Mr. Schwyzer was known for a course that he called “Navigating Pornography.” His decision to invite a prominent adult-film star to give a public lecture at the college sparked a controversy this year, and last month Mr. Schwyzer decided that he would not offer the course again. He said that pressure from the controversy had caused him to seek psychological treatment, and he went on medical leave from the college.

He had previously acknowledged having sex with his students but claimed that he had stopped doing so in 1998. Last week he admitted in a post on his blog that he had had sex with one of his students in 2011. The college said it would conduct an investigation, and Gail S. Cooper, the institution’s general counsel, told the Courier that the investigation would continue regardless of Mr. Schwyzer’s employment status.

In a post on his blog, Mr. Schwyzer wrote that he would make a transition into disability retirement early next year. He said he did not anticipate returning to the college, “or anywhere else for that matter.”