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California A.B. 330 - Governance & State Oversight


Sponsor: Assemblymember Ed Chau (D)

Summary: Requires private postsecondary schools to provide prospective students with a School Performance Fact Sheet, which would include the institution's net price calculator and the average student loan debt of full-time, first-time degree- or certificate-seeking undergraduate students of the institution if the institution receives federal funding.

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As introduced:

Status: Introduced 2/13/2013. Referred to Assembly Committee on Higher Education 2/28/2013. Hearing cancelled 4/23/2013. Failed reporting deadline 5/24/2013. Hearing held 1/7/2014. Hearing held; passed committee and referred to Committee on Appropriations 1/14/2014. Hearing held, reported 1/23/2014. Passed Assembly. ordered to Senate 1/29/2014.

Outlook: The Assembly adopted this measure by a 53-24 partisan vote and transmitted it to the Senate where it was referred to the Committee on Rules. The Senate Committee on Rules will refer this measure to another committee for consideration. While not required, the sponsor has failed to garner the cosponsorship of any member of the second chamber. The Democratic Party controls both legislative chambers as well as the Governor's office.

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