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Corinthian Colleges Releases List of Campuses for Sale


The Chronicle of Higher Education. July 7, 2014.

Corinthian Colleges Inc. on Monday released further details of its agreement with the U.S. Education Department, including a list of the campuses it will sell. The for-profit company and the Education Department announced they had come to an agreement on Thursday night, but provided only an outline of the terms.

In a corporate filing, the company provided a breakdown of its campuses for sale:

  • Everest has 69 colleges and institutes for sale.
  • Heald has 12 colleges and institutes for sale.
  • WyoTech has four colleges and institutes for sale.

Corinthian will “teach out” students at the remaining 12 campuses in the United States. The filing also notes that the institutions listed as up for sale had a total of 67,917 students enrolled as of March.