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Amendments to the Education Rules for Dental Hygienists


CA Department of Consumer Affairs, Dental Hygiene Committee proposed rule : Amendments to the Education Rules for Dental Hygienists

Issue: Professional Board Requirements
Subissue: Allied Health Education Requirements
First Reported: 02/11/2014
Date Updated: 03/19/2014
Contact: Donna Kantner 916-263-2300
Citation: Title 16, Division 11, ??1103, 1105, 1105.1, 1105.2, 1105.3, 1105.4, and 1106
Upcoming Action: Comments due 4/28/2014; Public hearing 4/28/2014

Status: Hearing/Comments
Regulation ID: CA25013

Rule Summary:

The Department's Dental Hygiene Committee (Committee) has proposed rule amendments impacting dental hygienists.  The updates are being made to the requirements for approval of dental hygiene educational programs.  Specifically, the amendments impact the following: (1) definitions; (2) curriculum content and organization; (3) requirements and timeframe for changes to an approved dental hygienist educational program; (4) appeals process for educational programs whose approval is denied or withdrawn by the Committee; and (5) authorize approved dental hygienist educational programs to issue the radiation safety certificate required to take radiographs.

Notice of the proposed rule is available at: (pdf pg 25)

Notice of the 12/6/2013 Committee meeting agenda is available at:
Notice of the 12/7/2013 Committee meeting agenda is available at

Rule Development:

The Committee has released notice of a proposed rule for public review.  Comments are due 4/28/2014.  A public hearing scheduled 4/28/2014.

The Committee discussed the possible rule changes during its 12/6/2013 and 12/7/2013 meetings.

Please note that the Committee has separated the licensure discussion which can be followed in CA24545.  The other educational discussion can be followed in CA24503.

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