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A.B. 2566 - State Financial Aid


Sponsor: Assemblymember Shirley Weber (D)

Summary: Extends, commencing with the 2015–16 award year and continuing each award year thereafter, the period of eligibility under the Ortiz-Pacheco-Poochigian-Vasconcellos Cal Grant Program by one year, allowing an applicant for Cal Grant A and B Entitlement awards to submit a complete financial aid application no later than March 2 of the second academic year after his or her high school graduation or its equivalent for an award commencing the academic year following the application.

Status: Introduced 2/21/2014. Assembly Committee on Higher Education 3/13/2014. Hearing held, reported; re-referred to Assembly Committee on Appropriations 4/29/2014. Hearing held 5/7/2014.

Outlook: This measure was determined to have a significant fiscal impact by the Assembly Committee on Appropriations and placed in its suspense file for further consideration at a later date. The suspense file is a function of the fiscal committee in both chambers. Per Joint Rule 61(b)(8), the committee has by May 23 to act on this measure.

After allowing for public testimony, the Assembly Committee on Higher Education recommended this measure for passage unanimously.

The sponsor is a member of the majority party but has not garnered the support of any cosponsors. The Democratic Party controls both legislative chambers as well as the Office of Governor.

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