2022 Community Service Award Form

2022 CAPPS Excellence in Community Service Awards

The California Association of Private Postsecondary Schools (CAPPS) is seeking nominations for our Excellence in Community Service Awards. CAPPS has added 2 categories for these awards: small (1-3 schools) and large (4+ schools). Six awards (2 Gold, 2 Silver, 2 Bronze) will be given to recognize and encourage initiatives in community service, service learning, and civic engagement that have a significant impact on the communities served by our schools.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Small school: 1 - 3 schools Large school: 4+ schools
  • Only current members of CAPPS will be considered for this award.
  • The video/slideshow will be shown at the CAPPS Legislative Conference and posted on the CAPPS website.
  • Your Contact Details

  • For questions or notifications about this application, who should we contact?
  • Scope & Impact

  • For example, what areas / aspects of your community are served by your program(s)? Who are the people or groups that are served by your program(s)? What is the frequency of your program(s)? If the impact of your program(s) can be quantified, please explain (examples: number of individuals being served, money saved, meals served, equivalent cost of medical/legal services). Describe the need(s) being met by your program(s) (examples: flu vaccines administered, animals helped, homeless served).
  • Service Learning

  • Provide details on how learning projects reflect the skills and courses students are learning. If there is a reflective evaluation process, please describe. What institutional resources are used for community service? Is there a staff member or members dedicated to coordination of community service?
  • Real Life Stories

  • Please provide stories/quotes from students, staff, and the community that show how your Institution's community service program(s) have impacted them on a personal level.