CAPPS 31st Annual Conference, October 7-9, 2015

Theme: Strong Students, Proud Graduates
Location: Hyatt Regency La Jolla, San Diego, CA

Download the Conference Program (download)

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Pre-Conference Workshops

Pre-Conference Workshop #1: 75/25: The New Formula for Gainful Insights into Your Organization

Presented By:
• Dr. Jean Norris, Managing Partner, Norton Norris
• Vince Norton, Managing Partner, Norton Norris
• Debbie Muno, Managing Partner, Muno, Summers & Associates
• David Brake, CEO and Founder, The Grandview Group
• Amanda Opperman, Senior Institutional Effectiveness Specialist, Wonderlic

Pre-Conference Workshop #2: The BPPE Update and Quality Education Unit Q&A

Presented By: Joanne Wenzel, Bureau Chief, Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education

Pre-Conference Workshop #3: Some Pain but Lasting Gain: Taking Tough Action Now to Improve Programs and Meet GE Requirements (Download the Presentation Slides)

Additional Session Materials
GE Letter of Support

GE Rates, Factors Chart
GE Regulation Summary Table
GE Survey Form

Presented By:
• Ronald Holt, Partner, Dunn & Davison
• Lynelle Lynch, President, Bellus Academy
• Rebecca Sanders, Associate, Almich & Associates
• Burke Malin, Chief Operating Officer, Gurnick Medical Academy

Pre-Conference Workshop #4: The Ever-Changing Regulatory Environment in California (Download the Presentation Slides)

Presented By: Katherine (Kate) Lee Carey, Special Counsel, Cooley LLP

Pre-Conference Workshop #5: Ownership Transitions and Student Populations (Download the Presentation Slides)

Presented By:
• Bruce Denson, President & Chief Operating Officer, Cobbs Allen
• William M. Ojile, Partner, Armstrong Teasdale / Westwood College / Alta Colleges
• Keith Zakarin, Partner, Chair of the Education Practice Group, Duane Morris LLP
• Richard Pollack, Managing Director, Barrington Research Associates

Pre-Conference Workshop #6: Everywhere Else You Are a HERO (Download the Presentation Slides)

Presented By:
• Patricia Holley, Dean of Student and Career Services, Mt. Sierra College
• Tawny Hernandez, Director of Career Services, Mt. Sierra College

Breakout Sessions

Breakout #1: Admissions on Mute (Download the Presentation Slides)

Presented By Lisa Olmedo, EDU Marketing Manager, Gragg Advertising

Breakout #2: Match Made! Retention Strategies and Data Analysis Together for a Brighter Future (Download the Presentation Slides)

Presented By Susan Sportsman, PhD, RN, ANEF, FAAN; Director of the Academic Consulting Group, Elsevier

Breakout #3: Workshop on Emergent Accreditation, Federal Compliance, and Reauthorization Challenges (Download the Presentation Slides)

Presented By:
• Stanley A. Freeman, Principal, Powers Pyles Sutter & Verville PC
• Elise Scanlon, Founder & Principal, Elise Scanlon Law Group

Breakout #4: The Culture of Communication: How to Make a Positive Impact in The Most Challenging Times

Presented By:
• Jeri Prochaska, VP Higher Ed Relations, TextAim
• Michael Sandoval, Director of Admissions, UEI College

Breakout #5: Leveraging the Present and Future of Social Media to Connect and Engage Future Graduates (Download the Presentation Slides)

Presented By:
• Katherine Brodie, Special Counsel, Duane Morris LLP
• Jennifer Burnham, Director, Content and Marketing Communications, Druva
• Michelle Hon Donovan, Partner, Duane Morris LLP
• Beylor Meza, COO, Success Education Colleges

Breakout #6: A Futuristic Approach to Student Success (Download the Presentation Slides)

Presented By:
• Sally Samuels, Director of Compliance, FAME
• Timothy Golden, President, Voyant Analytics
• Colton Woo, Chief Executive Officer, KLASS App.
• Lynelle Lynch, President, Bellus Academy

Breakout #7: Attract Students, Enhance Brand Awareness, Ignite Employer Partnerships (Download the Presentation Slides)

Presented By:
• Harrison Tonne, Chief Innovation Officer, Career TEAM
• Micaela Alpers, President, Career TEAM

Breakout #8: Seeking Employment in the 21st Century– Digital Badges for Job Placement (Download the Presentation Slides)

Presented By:
• Amanda Opperman, Senior Institutional Effectiveness Specialist, Wonderlic
• Alex Danzberger, Senior Vice President, Unitek

Breakout #9: Who’s on the Bench? Developing and Promoting Your Next Group of All-Stars (Download the Presentation Slides)

Presented By Darcy Dauderis, Vice President, Academics, American Career College

Breakout #10: Loan Repayment: Understanding the Obligations of the Student and Institution (Download the Presentation Slides)

Presented By:
• Jay Vaughan, Partner, Cooley LLP
• Katherine (Kate) Lee Carey, Special Counsel, Cooley LLP

Breakout #11: Cohort Default Rates and Gainful Employment:  Recipe for Success (Download the Presentation Slides)

Presented By Mary Lyn Hammer, President & CEO, Champion College Services

Breakout #12: Make Them Love It! How to Maximize Student Retention with Engaging Strategies in Online Classes (Download the Presentation Slides)

Additional Session Materials
Learning Styles

Presented By Gelena Gorelik, E-Learning Coordinator, Online Instructor, Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts