Our Mission

To serve the California private postsecondary sector by advocating for the interests of our member schools and student populations, enhancing and promoting the image of the sector, communicating State and National issues, and providing professional development opportunities for our sector.

The California Association of Private Postsecondary Schools (CAPPS)

Is the only California State Association representing the many diverse kinds of Private Postsecondary Schools in California. CAPPS has a membership of more than 200 institutions; including for-profit, non-profit, religious exempt and approved only Institutions. These schools and colleges are nationally or regionally accredited or approved by the State of California’s Regulatory Agency—the Bureau of Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE)—to offer educational services.

CAPPS’ works to ensure that the needs of the entire sector—from small approved schools to large publicly traded institutions—are met from a policy, educational and business perspective.

Since 1985

CAPPS has worked with California Governors, the State Legislature, other elected officials, and numerous regulatory agencies that provide oversight to the sector. CAPPS offers strong member services in professional development, whether it is online or live onsite training in important areas such as admissions, career services, financial aid, teacher training or through town hall meetings, and provides business and educational advice.

CAPPS is the foremost provider of real-time information about what is happening in California within our sector in order to provide all schools information and assistance; CAPPS covers it all.


CAPPS is headquartered in Sacramento, the State Capitol. From there, the CAPPS staff–aided by the CAPPS Lobbyist and General Counsel–support, oppose and influence to the fullest extent possible, the numerous legislative bills, policy directives, regulatory pronouncements and other actions taken by the government that could impact your institution.

CAPPS has the Independent Coalition of Educators Political Action Committee (ICEPAC) which helps elect those officials who support our sector of higher education. CAPPS holds regular fundraiser and PAC events throughout the year.