Foxx to Lead Committee Republicans in the 116th Congress

Committee on Education and Workforce


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Today, the House Republican Conference approved Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-NC) to lead Committee on Education and the Workforce Republicans in the 116th Congress. Upon the announcement, Chairwoman Foxx released the following statement:

“The question on everyone’s mind used to be: ‘Where are the jobs?’ Today we have 7 million job opportunities waiting for workers to fill them. We have 4.5 million more jobs than we had two years ago, and a quarter of a million more jobs than we had just over a month ago. The members of the Education and Workforce Committee have worked incredibly hard during the 115th Congress to make this new era of opportunity a reality. It is an honor to have the trust and confidence of my colleagues to help lead all of us to uncovering and implementing more ways to empower Americans to build successful lives.” 

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