Two studies show Gen Z, companies may not want 4-year degrees

University Business

Chris Burt
November 12, 2021
Career and technical education is intriguing to high school students, even if they are a bit uncertain about its value.
More than 80% of business leaders not only believe workforce skills gaps can be achieved through alternative education pathways but also see them as a very important part of the future of training and learning.
While the majority of the 1,000 influential heads of teams and groups within companies taking part in a study done by student platform BestColleges did not discount the value of four-year paths, more of them indicated that bachelor’s degrees were not necessary for many new jobs and said employers should not include the requirement when they post positions.
The study was one of two conducted by the platform in September, and its results mirror another done by the nonprofit ECMC Group and VICE Media, which shows that students are thinking about other options beyond the traditional four-year model.