VA Expands Transparency Efforts of Institutions Receiving GI Bill Payments

US Dept of Veterans Affairs

VA Expands Transparency Efforts of Institutions Receiving GI Bill Payments

Releases data disclosing tuition and fee payments to educational organizations


WASHINGTON — As part of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) ongoing commitment to expand public transparency and accountability of agency expenditures, VA today released data showing GI Bill tuition and fee payments to VA-approved colleges, universities, and other education and training institutions across the country.

Though there’s no dispute about the success of the program, Veterans and taxpayers still have a right to know where and how much money is being spent at these institutions,” said VA Secretary David Shulkin. “VA is committed to becoming the most transparent organization in government.”

The current available data spans fiscal years 2009 to 2017, and includes key information, such as names of institutions, states, countries, school classifications, number of enrolled beneficiaries, total amount paid to each institution by fiscal year and grand total money spent.

The GI Bill has long been noted for its popularity as one of the most successful programs administered by VA for Veterans and eligible family members. Millions of American Veterans have benefited from this program, which assists them in starting, or continuing, their education after service to the nation.

This information is posted at and will be updated at the end of each fiscal year.