Visualizing If Gainful Employment Applied To Most Degree Programs

Phil Hill and Associates

Phil Hill
May 22, 2023
With the release of the proposed Gainful Employment rules by the US Department of Education (ED), there has been quite a bit of discussion online about whether the exclusion of nonprofit degree programs is fair, based on legal precedent, and wise policy. This post will share some visualizations based on College Scorecard data based on the rules. Given the topic, I’m putting a lot of the content above the paywall of this premium post.
Note to premium subscribers:
I have revised the data since Friday’s newsletter based on reader feedback and further research, particularly with 15-year amortization and 3-year instead of 4-year earnings metric – see new visualizations below.
I apologize for the newsletter mistake where I said that the University of Iowa was acquiring the University of Phoenix. I meant to say the University of Idaho.