A top Republican slams Biden’s latest student-loan relief, saying he ‘operates as if he can issue any decree he wants’ on debt forgiveness

Yahoo News

Ayelat Sheffey
June 3, 2022
  • Biden recently wiped out $5.8 billion in student debt for defrauded Corinthian Colleges students.
  • GOP Rep. Virginia Foxx slammed the relief, saying Biden is “exercising authority that he does not have.”
  • Foxx has long criticized plans to forgive student debt broadly, citing its cost to taxpayers.
A top Republican lawmaker was quick to criticize President Joe Biden’s latest relief for defrauded student-loan borrowers.
After Biden’s Education Department announced all former students of the now-defunct for-profit Corinthian Colleges will be getting their remaining $5.8 billion in student debt wiped out, Rep. Virginia Foxx — leading Republican on the House education committee — said in a statement the relief “does nothing to solve the problems in higher education and exacerbates the economic disaster fueled by the President’s lack of fiscal responsibility.”