America First Legal Releases the “Borrower Defense Toolkit” to help Americans Make the Woke Leftist Anti-Semites Ruining Higher Education Pay for the Damage

America First Legal 

February 16, 2024
WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, America First Legal (AFL) launched the “Borrower Defense Toolkit” to help ordinary Americans fight back against the woke leftist anti-Semites ruining our taxpayer-funded higher education system and make them pay for the damage.
As of June 2023, there were approximately 43.4 million student loan borrowers holding $1.63 trillion in outstanding loans, all guaranteed by federal taxpayers. Without this subsidy, the higher education industry will collapse. As thanks for this support, key industry players push anti-American and anti-Semitic woke “intersectional” indoctrination and host foreign propaganda.
Federal law prohibits colleges and universities from making “substantial misrepresentations” regarding the nature of their educational program in marketing materials, on websites, or in any other communications to students or prospective students. The law also prohibits omitting information “in such a way as to make an erroneous, misleading, or false statement.” “Borrower Defense” is the legal process through which a student or graduate victimized by such misrepresentations may have his or her student loan debt discharged by the Department of Education.
Nearly all higher education “institutions” claim to be inclusive, to follow the law, and to enforce generally applicable rules of conduct. But the evidence is that many schools only enforce their conduct policies against conservative pro-American, pro-life, and pro-Israel students or faculty while leftist woke anti-Semites are protected – the rules simply do not apply to them. If your college or university gives leftist students, pro-Hamas faculty, or anti-American foreign nationals favors or fails to discipline them in compliance with published standards of conduct, then it has likely made “substantial misrepresentations” that may entitle you to claim a Borrower Defense to student loan repayment.