CALIFORNIA A.B. 25 – State Financial Aid 


Sponsor: Assemblymember Mike Gipson (D)

Summary: Final version (4/8/2015): Requires the California Student Aid Commission to establish an appeal process, as part of the Cal Grant Program, for an otherwise qualifying institution that fails to satisfy the 3-year cohort default rate and graduation rate requirements.

Authorizes the commission to grant an appeal for an academic year only if the commission has determined the institution has a cohort size of 20 individuals or less and the cohort is not representative of the overall institutional performance.

Final version (4/8/2015):

Previous version (3/23/2015): 


Status: Introduced 12/1/2014. Referred to Assembly Committee on Higher Education 1/16/2015. Hearing held, reported, rereferred to Assembly Committee on Appropriations 3/17/2015. Amended 3/23/2015. Amended 4/8/2015. Hearing held 4/15/2015. Hearing held, reported 5/28/2015. Passed Assembly; received in Senate, referred to Senate Committee on Rules 6/2/2015. Referred to Senate Committee on Education 6/11/2015. Hearing held, reported; re-referred to Senate Committee on Appropriations 6/24/2015. Hearing held; reported 7/6/2015. Hearing held; reported 8/27/2015. Passed Senate 9/2/2015. Sent to Governor 9/14/2015. Signed by Governor  Jerry Brown (D) 10/8/2015.