CALIFORNIA A.B. 636 – Student Complaints and Arbitration 


Sponsor: Assemblymember Jose Medina (D)

Summary: Final version (4/29/2015): Authorizes the identification of an alleged assailant, even if the victim does not consent to being identified, if the institution determines both that the alleged assailant represents a serious or ongoing threat to the safety of students, employees or the institution and the immediate assistance of the local law enforcement agency is necessary to contact or detain the assailant.

Requires the institution, as a condition of participation in the financial aid program, to disclose the identity of the alleged assailant to the local law enforcement agency and to immediately inform the victim of that disclosure.

Final version (4/29/2015): 


Status: Introduced 2/24/2015. Referred to Assembly Committee on Higher Education and Assembly Committee on Public Safety 3/9/2015. Hearing held, reported, re-referred to Assembly Committee on Public Safety 4/7/2015. Amended 4/29/2015. Hearing held, reported 5/5/2015. Passed Assembly; received in Senate, referred to Senate Committee on Rules 5/11/2015. Re-referred to Senate Committee on Education and Senate Committee on Public Safety 5/21/2015. Senate Committee on Education hearing held, reported; rereferred to Senate Committee on Public Safety 6/10/2015. Hearing held, reported 7/14/2015. Passed Senate 8/31/2015. Sent to Governor 9/9/2015. Signed by Governor  Jerry Brown (D) 10/9/2015.