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The CIAM Difference

CIAM is a nonprofit graduate university that offers an MBA in Executive Management and Entrepreneurship. The CIAM program is a student-focused course of study that builds resumės through real world experience by combining on-line and classroom learning with consulting, and incorporating dialogue with some of the top executives of successful companies. CIAM is a unique organization dedicated to building the capacity of students from a wide range of backgrounds to succeed as entrepreneurs and managers in whatever career direction they choose.

Frequently Asked Questions about the CIAM MBA in Executive Management and Entrepreneurship

Q: Are there any extra costs beyond the $15,000 fee for the program?

A: If you already have a computer that meets our basic technical requirements, the only other fees include an Application fee of $30 and minor printing & binding fees associated with the preparation of the consulting reports. The textbooks are included in the $15,000 tuition fee!

Q: I didn’t take any business classes in college. In fact, I was an art major. Will I need to take a lot of pre-requisite courses before I begin my MBA?

A: No pre-requisites! Students from any major will learn all they need in order to succeed in the program.

Q: What are the admission requirements?

A: Basically, a 3.0 GPA, evidence of one year of organizational experience in a business or non-profit, good communication skills in English as reflected in an interview and an assessment essay. Please visit the school catalog for additional information.

Q: I understand that only accredited programs can confer an MBA. Is CIAM accredited?

A: CIAM is allowed to grant the MBA because we are licensed by the State of California by the Bureau of Private Post-secondary Education. An institution that has been serving students for two or more years is eligible to apply for accreditation.

Q: What networking advantages are there at CIAM?

A: CIAM students meet with business leaders in every course. These executive speakers are important contacts for CIAM students. At CIAM you will forge even deeper relationships with the entrepreneurs and executives for whom you consult. Your relationship with a new consulting client in every course is your opportunity to show them what you can do. These projects are real work and every consulting situation not only looks good on your resume but also results in a tangible product to show prospective employers.

Q: How supportive are CIAM professors?

A: We hire and specially train our faculty so they know that they are as responsible as you are for your learning. Our hybrid classes mean you get all the advantages of online instruction (including online access to your professors) plus the direct contact of face-to-face classroom experience.

Q: How do I know that CIAM professors are qualified?

A: All of our professors are experienced teachers with business experience; they all have doctorates and they undergo a rigorous review process before we hire them, including teaching a sample class before other faculty, administrators, current and former students.

Q: How do students provide feedback about classes?

A: We not only use evaluation forms and interviews with students, but CIAM has an open door policy where students are welcomed to provide continuous feedback.

Q: Do well-known speakers ever visit CIAM?

A: In each course a distinguished faculty member from a top business school visits your class by live electronic interaction. So, you have frequent opportunity to interact with professors from places like Harvard, Yale, UCLA, MIT and Berkeley and find out about the latest research and tends. You can discover current guest speakers on our homepage.

Q: Can I do a “test drive?”

A: Sure. Give us a call and reserve a seat to sit in on one of our classes. Get a first-hand look at how CIAM can change your life! Also, ask about our Try Before Buy program!

Q: When can I apply?

A: Today! We have rolling admissions so there are no application deadlines.  Please refer to the school catalog for enrollment deadlines so you won’t miss the next new student orientation!

Q: How long does it take to hear back about acceptance to the program?

A: Once we have all your transcripts, the completed application plus assessment essay writing and interview—we usually respond immediately.

Q: I know this program is very low cost, but I still may need financial aid. Is aid available?

A: An installment payment program is available as well as tuition financing. Non-Federal Work-Study up to $10,000 is available to qualified students, please contact the Office of Admissions for more information at 626-350-1500 or refer to the school catalog.