CECU Endorses Time for Completion Act


July 23, 2021
Arlington, Va. — Career Education Colleges and Universities (CECU) today endorsed the Time for Completion Actintroduced by Representative Jahana Hayes (D-CT). The bill would increase student outcome reporting requirements for schools serving non-traditional students and make these outcomes available to the public. The bill would provide for more accurate reporting of student outcomes, particularly for non-traditional students, across all sectors of higher education.

“We applaud Representative Hayes for her commitment to student success, transparency, and accountability for all institutions of higher education,” said CECU President and CEO Dr. Jason Altmire. “This legislation is an important step toward ensuring that all institutions in all sectors are held accountable for their student outcomes. This bill will empower students and policy makers with more accurate data to help them identify high and low-performing schools in every sector.”