CECU Statement on Senator Warren’s Proposal to Eliminate Career Education Colleges and Universities



​Today, after the publication of Senator Elizabeth Warren’s higher education proposal, Career Education Colleges and Universities president and CEO Steve Gunderson, released the following statement:
“Senator Warren has finally disclosed her true endgame. She, like too many voices in the public sector today, are so opposed to the very existence of small family businesses that she now proposes to eliminate the very sector that was created to provide mid-level career skills education and continues to do so today.

​“Without our schools those who seek a career skill to get a real job with a real wage and a real chance at a place in America’s Middle-Class will have no options.  Most of our students are first-generation colleges students, often from low-income families seeking a bridge to a better future.  At a time when community colleges are increasingly focused on serving as feeder-schools to 4-year liberal arts programs, it is essential that we continue to provide excellence in postsecondary career education.  To do anything less will exacerbate today’s income gap, not help it!”