DeVos: Biden administration advances ‘most anti-woman regulation of all time’ in Title IX overhaul

Washington Examiner 

Breccan F. Thies
February 6, 2024
The Department of Education advanced what critics have called the “most anti-woman regulation of all time” on Friday, sending the Title IX overhaul to the White House for final approval.
The long-awaited rule, which is expected to strip out due process protections added during the Trump administration and insert gender identity requirements, such as protections for cross-sex restroom use, is in the final stages of approval.
“This may well be the most anti-woman regulation of all time. It will be the end of women’s sports, sex-segregated restrooms, locker rooms, sororities, and dorms — all vanquished by an administrative state fiat that almost no one supports, which is why the Biden administration advanced it in the dark of night,” former Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, who oversaw Title IX reform during the Trump administration, told the Washington Examiner. “Every parent and child should be horrified this rule is moving forward.”
Originally proposed in 2022, President Joe Biden’s Education Department has been working to find ways to expand Title IX to include reforms such as allowing transgender athletes to play on sports teams and to use private spaces, including restrooms and locker rooms, that match their gender identities. The Education Department is also working on a separate rule aimed specifically at blocking the ability of governments and schools to bar males from competing in female sports.