Employed Security Service Center Inc.

Primary Contact:

Musheer Rasheed – President

Email: musheer@employedsecurity.org

3530 Atlantic Ave suite 200
Long Beach, California 90807

Phone: (626) 765-9589

Website: http://www.employedsecurity.org

Employed Security Service Center, Inc. (E.S.S.C) is a private institution which serves as a resource for private and public partnerships. Developing collaboration between education and industry, Employed Security Service Center, provides educational enrichment and improves quality of life for our students. It is our mission to provide effective and practical security officer training. Preparing the security officer to meet the increasing challenges and legal requirements in their career is the single most important element in establishing a professional security program. Our specific training program merges the needs of the industry with highly qualified security professionals. The first step is to connect with us to comply with state requirements and gain a meaningful acquisition of knowledge, skills, and competencies.