GCU responds to U.S. Department of Education Secretary Miguel Cardona’s inflammatory comments

GCU News

April 18, 2024
In light of the disturbing and defamatory public comments made by U.S. Department of Education Secretary Miguel Cardona last week during a House Appropriations Committee hearing, Grand Canyon University is providing the following statement.
This response is prefaced with the comment that our disagreements with the Department of Education (ED) are not politically motivated. We are not anti-government and have a record of cooperation and great relationships with 26 different regulatory and accrediting bodies, none of whom have corroborated what ED is claiming. We are an educational institution that is doing an exemplary job of addressing the many challenges that are plaguing higher education while also living out our Christian mission both on our campus and in the surrounding community. That is reflected in the growing demand from students and families who are seeking a higher education option at GCU that is affordable and taught from a Christian worldview perspective. That mission, not politics, is our motivation and it is our hope that we can again put our full attention to those efforts in the near future.
Mr. Cardona’s inflammatory comments, which are legally and factually incorrect, are so reckless that GCU has no choice but to demand an immediate retraction. He is either confused, misinformed or does not understand the actions taken by his own agency.