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GI Bill benefits may be lost for college students who don’t comply with vaccination mandate

The Orange County Register 

Erika I. Ritchie
November 2, 2021
Military veterans eligible for GI Bill benefits at state and community colleges and universities with COVID-19 vaccination mandates may have to drop classes and would likely lose out on thousands of dollars in monthly housing allowances if they choose not to get the shot.
As the pandemic cleared out campuses in 2020, legislators changed rules that required veterans-turned-students to take at least some of their classes in person, allowing full-time virtual learning through this December. Unless legislators do another extension or make other changes, those refusing the vaccine who aren’t approved for religious or medical exempts at schools with mandates, have said they will pause their education or move out of state or apply to private institutions with less restrictive mandates.
The GI Bill requires veteran students to take at least one class on-campus to receive the full monthly housing allowance of about  $3,300, which at most schools mirrors the cost of living. If they don’t, the amount they can receive drops to $900.