How WyoTech Went From Near Oblivion To National Tech Education Powerhouse

Cowboy State Daily

Renee Jean
February 17, 2024
Jim Mathis says he owes his adult life to what he learned at WyoTech. That’s why when it was about to close for good, he started making calls to raise money to buy the school — which he did. In two years, he returned it to profitability and made the Laramie school a national tech education powerhouse.
Morgan Graber was wearing a big smile in the plastic repair shop at WyoTech in Laramie, Wyoming, Wednesday afternoon, styling, in her new Peterbilt hat.
Graber, who’s from Ohio, is in her eighth month at the for-profit career and technical school, where she is studying Motorsports Chassis Fabrication and Collision/Refinishing Technology. She is just a month away from graduation.
She was smiling so much because earlier in the day she nabbed a job with Peterbilt along with that new hat. And she didn’t even have to do a real interview to get the job, either.