Judge Temporarily Blocks $6B in Debt Forgiveness for 200K Defrauded Borrowers

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Matthew Arrojas
January 26, 2023
  • A settlement reached in June would provide instant student loan debt forgiveness to 200,000 borrowers who say their schools defrauded them.
  • Three university owners appealed the settlement, saying it would harm their reputation.
  • A judge told the federal government to hold off on granting relief until he can hear the appeal in full.
A four-year-old lawsuit will drag into 2023 after a federal judge Thursday temporarily blocked a settlement that would provide student loan debt forgiveness for more than 200,000 borrowers who say they were defrauded by their institutions of higher education.
The ruling by Judge William Alsup puts on hold a June 2022 settlement agreement that he had previously approved between borrowers and the Department of Education
Three companies involved in the settlement as intervenors appealed the court’s settlement approval on Jan. 13 and requested a stay.
A full hearing for that appeal is set for Feb. 15, Alsup said Thursday. In the meantime, ED hoped to begin sending letters to loan servicers on Monday so that they can start discharging loans as soon as next week.