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Newsom’s proposal would create “dual admission” program for community college transfer students

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Ashley A. Smith
February 3, 2021
Students would get guaranteed admission to a specific California State University or University of California campus.
Gov. Gavin Newsom wants to ease the transfer from community colleges to California’s public universities, and newly released details draw a clearer picture of how that could happen.
Newsom, in his budget proposal, recommends creating a “new stand-alone dual admission program.” It would guarantee that participating first-time community college freshmen are guaranteed a spot as an undergraduate at the California State University or University of California campus of their choice starting in 2023. In the trailer bill released Tuesday, which expounds on his January budget, Newsom proposed a new program that would make it seamless for community college students to transfer.
During a recent forum with lawmakers, UC President Michael Drake and CSU Chancellor Joseph Castro pledged that they would work with legislators and each other to improve transfer pathways from the community colleges. The leaders called on better advising, clearer paths and some form of dual admission to increase the number of transfers.