Open Compliance Positions at International Education Corp – Regional Director of Compliance

Regional Director of Compliance

Job Details

Orlando East – Orlando East, FL
Full Time
4 Year Degree


The Regional Director of Compliance is fully accountable for all campus outcomes relative to accreditation and state regulatory compliance, including accreditation readiness visits, placement confirmation and related functions. This position is responsible for ensuring compliance with accreditation standards, state regulations, and state and local statutes and/or agency regulations at all campuses. The position identifies potential areas of compliance vulnerability and risk, developing corrective action plans for resolution of problematic issues, providing general guidance on proper internal controls, and developing an effective compliance plan. The Regional Director/Manager, Regulatory Compliance oversees the preparation and training of the campuses for accreditor, state agency and programmatic oversight agency visits, including mock visits, updates, training, and regular audits. This position oversees the gathering of information and documentation for the preparation of applications, notices, self-studies, and responses collaborating with the field and the corporate management team. The Regional Director of Regulatory Compliance also supervises Compliance Officers and the placement confirmation process and oversees special projects within the Compliance function.

Essential Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • Complies with applicable federal and state laws and regulations, accreditor standards, and institutional policies and procedures.

  • Recruits and closely manages a professional team. Develops and maintains a competent compliance staff that is knowledgeable, hardworking and accountable.

  • Coordinates the dissemination of information regarding local, state, national, accreditation and regulatory requirements to functional areas within the organization.

  • Provides timely, accurate and complete management reporting for assigned areas of responsibility.

  • Ensures the operation and overall effectiveness of accreditation and relevant state regulatory training program for assigned areas of responsibility, including appropriate introductory training for new associates and ongoing training for all colleagues and managers in the field. Consistently reviews all areas of training programs to ensure most up-to-date knowledge.

  • Works collaboratively with Corporate Regulatory Compliance colleagues to ensure all formal communication meets compliance and regulatory requirements.

  • Identifies changes in applicable rules, regulations, standards and related trends that are relevant to maintaining accreditation and state licensing.

  • Reviews, analyzes and ensures all necessary modifications are made to requisite policies, procedures, and internal communications, including catalogs, websites, and marketing materials in conjunction with feedback from the field and changes in standards, laws and regulations.

  • Holds frequent training and webinars with campus personnel to train and educate on accreditation and state regulations, standards and criteria.

  • Monitors and develops regulatory team members to improve performance and productivity.

  • Communicates regularly, professionally and effectively with all stakeholders at all times to achieve expected and planned results.

  • Develops and maintains positive rapport with accreditation agencies and other applicable state/local regulators as directed.

  • Obtains and maintains a complete and updated licensing/accreditation record for each program and campus and coordinates the reconciliation of any approval issues and/or problems. Ensures official documents are submitted to Corporate Regulatory Compliance colleagues and retained in appropriate repository.

  • Represents the institution externally to accreditors, states, professional organizations and the general public as designated by senior management and appropriate to assigned responsibilities.

  • Works with all corporate and campus functional groups to develop strategy and to ensure continuing organizational compliance with all standards and regulations.

  • Serves on planning teams for new program and new campus planning.

  • Manages human resources as assigned.

  • Works closely with senior management and administration and campus staff, attends meetings, and provides functional support, develops reporting and provides guidance and advice as needed or requested.

  • Participates in professional development, attends meetings, workshops and seminars and conducts research to enrich personal growth, knowledge and skill in management and assigned responsibilities.

  • Maintains professional appearance and demeanor for position and serves as a role model, leader and mentor to the campus community.

  • Regular, reliable and predictable attendance at the assigned campus/office.

  • Maintains personal contacts and communications with key personnel in regulatory agencies, both state and national.

  • Accountable for providing guidance and training to all functional areas of the company to assure their clear understanding of their responsibilities in maintaining compliance.

  • Prepares campuses for regulatory visits and achieves successful outcomes.

  • Is an assertive voice at the management level to assure that appropriate compliance is explained and maintained.

  • Other projects as assigned.

  • Extensive experience, expertise and knowledge working closely with accreditation as well as state agencies

  • In-depth knowledge of accreditation and state rules & regulations

  • Ability to communicate effectively both written and verbal

  • Highly organized and goal oriented

  • Ability to collaborate within all levels of the organization

  • Demonstrated success in leading large-scale strategy projects with proven results

  • Bachelor’s degree or above preferred

  • Minimum five years in the higher education sector