Open Compliance Positions at International Education Corp – Regulatory Compliance Communications Specialist

Regulatory Compliance Communications Specialist

Requisition Number: 7200
Job Title: Regulatory Compliance Communications Specialist
Area of Interest: Corporate
City: Irvine
State/Province: California
Requirements: This position is responsible for assisting the Senior Director, Corporate Regulatory Compliance in ensuring compliance with accreditation standards, state regulations, and state and local statutes and/or agency regulations at all campuses through the centralized regulatory services and outcomes. The Specialist, Regulatory Compliance Communications is responsible for centralized regulatory services and outcomes. This position is accountable for all campus outcomes relative to accreditation and state regulatory compliance including the preparation and submission of applications, notices, self-studies, and responses collaborating with National and Regional Regulatory Compliance colleagues and the corporate management team and related functions. This position participates in review of all institutional publications and coordinates all updates and revisions, and maintains, edits and writes policies, procedures, and forms, as required. The Specialist, Regulatory Compliance Communications participates in the review, coordination and publication of compliant marketing materials, consumer disclosures and information with input from subject matter experts. This position also oversees the drafting, coordination and submission of responses to agency complaints. This position requires knowledge of accreditation and state requirements and processes. The position involves drafting, document merging and formatting, revision, and finalization of submissions, including applications, responses, self-studies, student and agency complaints, and notifications. The position coordinates with Compliance Officers and Regional Regulatory colleagues and the field to ensure complete and accurate submissions.
External Description: • Completes regulatory reports and responses to states & accreditor accurately and on time.
• Completes program applications accurately, comprehensively and on time.
• Monitors, completes and submits all state and accreditation deliverables on time and with a high degree of quality professionalism and accuracy.
• Participates in dissemination of information regarding local, state, national, accreditation and regulatory requirements.

• Provides timely, accurate and complete management reporting for assigned areas of responsibility.
• Works collaboratively with Compliance Officers and Regional Regulatory Compliance colleagues to ensure all formal communication meets compliance and regulatory requirements.
• Communicates regularly, professionally and effectively with all stakeholders at all times to achieve expected and planned results.
• Develops and maintains positive rapport with accreditation agencies and other applicable state/local regulators as directed.
• Obtains and maintains a complete and updated licensing/accreditation record for each program and campus and coordinates the reconciliation of any approval issues and/or problems. Ensures official documents are submitted to Corporate Regulatory Compliance colleagues and retained in appropriate repository.
• Identifies changes in applicable rules, regulations, standards and related trends that are relevant to maintaining accreditation and state licensing.
• Applies and suggests necessary modifications to policies, procedures, and internal communications such as catalogs, websites, and marketing materials in conjunction with feedback from the corporate management team and the field.
• Focuses on tactical issues in complying with existing standards and regulations.
• Assist on Compliance special projects
• Maintains professional appearance and demeanor for position and serves as a role model, leader and mentor to the campus community
• Develops & maintains competence in the area of compliance to ensure relevant knowledge
• Accountable for accuracy and timeliness in achieving and maintaining compliance for the institution
• Manage the administrative duties assigned, including preparing and submitting accurate communications and submissions to agencies

Position Type: Full Time