Second Stimulus: McConnell Proposes Stimulus Checks And Money For Schools


Wesley Whistle –
July 21, 2020
On the Senate floor today, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell outlined the pillars of his coming stimulus proposal. McConnell wants liability waivers, stimulus checks, and money for schools, as well as a few other ideas.
McConnell framed his proposal with three categories: kids, jobs, and health care. He then outlined his ideas to address those issues.
McConnell proposed sending $105 billion to schools, “so that educators have the resources they need to safely reopen.” He went on to say he is calling for more than the House Democrats proposed. However, he didn’t mention the $175 billion proposed by Senate Democrats for K-12 schools.
In his floor speech, McConnell argued that Americans want kids back in the classroom. He said, “Surveys show the American people’s top priorities for reopening are childcare and K-12 schools.” McConnell did not address any money needed for higher education.
McConnell also proposed sending stimulus checks to American families. The CARES Act provided $1,200 in stimulus checks, but phased them out for individuals earning more than $75,000 annually.