Pari’ Wright
Assistant Director

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Chatsworth, CA  91324

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B4Schools – Using the positive power of capitalism to empower schools.

Factory-direct supplies available at the lowest cost to ALL schools across the United States!
NO minimums, NO contracts, NO commitments.
Only high-quality, low-cost products – Made In America – with an average savings of 35%!

How It Works

We have developed supply relationships with the factories that actually manufacture the most-used products. This has allowed us to decrease the price of these commodity products and have them delivered directly to our customers with a fractional, set markup. We’ve partnered with UPS in order to provide free shipping to schools in California. Additionally, our customers will typically receive their order within 48 hours!

The costly infrastructure of school or business supply warehouses can be eliminated with B4Schools. As a result, schools will experience dramatic savings that can be reallocated to different, vital areas of their budget. Plus, all entities will get the same discounted pricing, truly harnessing the purchasing power of schools and their communities.

Best of all, B4Schools’ revenue will go towards the creation of a non-profit brand, B4Giving. B4Giving will be a private-label retail brand that offers household goods in stores like Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, and other retail outlets. One hundred percent of the after-tax profits from B4Giving will go directly to the schools that order supplies from B4Schools! Imagine your purchase of dish soap going to help fund our nation’s schools!

Signing up takes under 30 seconds, is free, and comes with no commitments or loads of promo emails. We know schools are busy, so we made this easy.

  1. Start shopping and saving on our eCommerce website.
  2. Make a B4Schools account, select your items, and checkout using a credit, debit, or procurement card.
  3. Get your order fast via UPS Ground.
  4. Relish in the savings!
  5. Reorders can be placed manually, or by setting up automatic reorders on a weekly, biweekly, monthly, or quarterly basis.

At B4Schools, we believe When Schools Save, We All Win. Join the B4Schools movement and empower your school and your community!