CA Board of Registered Nursing proposed rule: Amendments to Advanced Practice Registered Nurses Rules


**CA Board of Registered Nursing proposed rule: Amendments to Advanced Practice Registered Nurses Rules

Issue: Professional Board Requirements
Subissue: Nursing
First Reported: 02/14/2014
Date Updated: 11/25/2016
Contact: Ronnie Whitaker 916-574-8257
Citation: Title 16, Article 8, Sections 1480 – 1484
Upcoming Action: Comments are due 12/7/2016
Status: Comments
Regulation ID: CA25030

Rule Summary:

The Board proposed amendments to the rules impacting Advanced Practice Registered Nurses. The amendments focus education and experience requirements for APRNs. The Board has proposed updates to the following sections; (1) Definitions; (2) Categories of Nurse Practitioners; (3) Section 1482 — Requirements for Nurse Practitioner; (4) Grandfathering clause added for CNP; (5) Evaluation of Credentials; (6) Approved APRN-NP Program Accreditation Required and Board Notification Process; (7) Application for APRN-NP Program Approval; (8) changes to an Approved Program; (9) APRN-NP Education; (10) Clinical Practice Experience for Nurse Practitioner Student Enrolled in Out-of- State Based APRN-NP Programs.

Notice of the 15-day comment period:

A copy of the 15-day text:

Notice of the proposed rule: (pdf pg 13)

Notice of 2015 stakeholder invite:

A copy of the September 2014 meeting agenda: (pdf pg 5, item 10.4)

A copy of the June 2014 meeting agenda: (pdf pg 4)

A copy of the April 2014 meeting agenda is available at: (see pg 4, item 10)

A copy of the February 2014 Board meeting agenda:

Rule Development:

Staff have released notice of a modified rule for a 15-day comment period. Comments are due 12/7/2016 on the modifications only. Please note that staff have clarified the deadline to be 12/7/2016 despite the notice reflecting 12/6/2016.

The Board’s Education Committee recommended possible education updates to the rules at the 2/6/2014 Board meeting. The discussion was initially followed in CA15196. The Board discussed the possible rule amendments at the April and June 2014 Board meetings. Staff discussed the rulemaking development as an informational item at the 9/17/2014 and 9/18/2014 Board meeting. Staff opened the discussion to stakeholders and invited interested parties to attend the Education Committee meetings 10/8/2015 and 1/16/2016. Once a proposed rule is completed, notice will be released in the California register for a public hearing and comment period. Staff expected to the release the rule in summer 2016. Staff released notice of the proposed rule for public review. A public hearing were due 9/19/2016. Comments were due 9/19/2016.