California to give $2,500 training grant to workers who lost jobs during pandemic

Cal Matters 

Mikhail Zinshteyn
September 12, 2022
A one-time state program worth $500 million has opened up from its pilot program to support displaced workers who want to acquire new job skills. Unlike other student aid, this grant can support programs shorter than three months. Recipients cannot have been enrolled in a training program when they lost their jobs.
Living through a pandemic sucks, but for Diana McLaughlin, early 2020 was especially bad: A divorce in February 2020, societal shut-down in March, and as part of the COVID-19 economic fallout, she lost her job in April of that year, returning to full-time work only 18 months later.
California lawmakers had economically distressed folks like McLaughlin in mind when last year they approved half a billion dollars on education grants worth $2,500 to help workers displaced by the pandemic acquire new job-related skills.