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**CA Department of Consumer Affairs, Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education final emergency regulation effective 2/1/2015, 7/31/2015 and final rule 11/23/2015: Amendments to the Rules Addressing Degree Granting Institutions

Issue: Education
Subissue: Accreditation Status
First Reported: 12/16/2014
Date Updated: 12/14/2015
Contact: Joanne Wenzel 916-431-6905
Citation: Section 70000 of Division 7.5 of Title 5
Upcoming Action: Nothing Scheduled
Status: Final
Regulation ID: CA27340

Rule Summary:

The Department’s Bureau adopted emergency and a permanent rules addressing Private Postsecondary Educational Institutions. The rule amendments are in response to legislation, Senate Bill 1247.  The emergency rule has the following new sections: (1) Application for Provisional Approval to Offer Degree Programs; (2) Accreditation Plan Requirements for Degree-Granting Institutions; (3)  Automatic Suspension of Approval to Operate; (4) re-enrollment Disclosure; Notice to Prospective Degree Program Students; (5) Pre-enrollment Disclosure; Notice to Prospective Degree Program Students; Institutions with Existing Approvals to Operate; (6) Unaccredited Degree-Granting Institutions that Elect to Stop Pursuing Accreditation; (7) Unaccredited Degree-Granting Institutions that Are Automatically Suspended; and (8) Actions Against a Provisional Approval to Operate.  Notice of the final rule was published in the December California Register. The rule is effective 11/23/2015.

Notice of final rule: (pdf pg 58) 

Notice of proposed rule: (pdf pg 10) 

A copy of the proposed rule text: 

Notice of the re-adopted emergency rule: (pdf pg 56) 

Notice of the emergency rule: (pdf pg 41)