Survey Finds Veteran Alumni Had Positive Experiences at Proprietary Institutions


August 31, 2021
Arlington, Va. — A new survey commissioned by Career Education Colleges and Universities (CECU) found that a majority of respondents felt that their experiences at proprietary institutions positively prepared them for professional success in the future.

Of the student veterans polled, a majority agreed or strongly agreed:

  • Coursework reflected the current needs of their workplace (79%) and that their studies prepared them well for employment (78%);
  • Their program of study helped them achieve their personal (83%) and career goals (75%); and
  • The value of the education received at their proprietary institutions was worth the cost (80%).
Over one-third (40%) of respondents had attended another form of higher education prior to enrolling in a proprietary program. Several alumni reported dissatisfaction with traditional institutions due to mismatched teaching styles, generic requirements unrelated to their major or skill goals, or non-recognition of the skills and knowledge they had already obtained through the military.

Streamline coursework, flexibility, and the personalized approach associated with proprietary programs positively motivated veteran alumni. The survey also found that student veterans feel especially comfortable at CECU member institutions because they often feel a sense of community not experienced at traditional colleges.

Survey participants overwhelmingly agreed that the value of their proprietary education was worth the cost (80) and that the skills (76%) and knowledge (75%) acquired are relevant to their current work.