Career Conext

Primary Contact
Mike O’Brien

101 W. Broadway, Suite 1350
San Diego, CA 92101

P: 619-922-6970

CareerConext is software built for the specifically career college space.  We are not a SIS, however, we do make the one you have better.  We offer software that enhances your Student Services, Career Services and Registrar.  Conext automates many accreditation reports, saving hundreds of hours per year in creating reports! Conext is broken into three offerings.  Perform, Bridge & Employ.

Conext Perform – takes the data from your SIS and produces visual reporting, identifies opportunities  & spotlights problem areas.   The on-demand cloud based reporting gives you the information you need to direct your school.

Conext Bridge – enhances your current business processes by removing paper, reducing repetitive tasks and deploying esignatures on unlimited forms including Student Academic Progress and Employment Verification forms.  Bridge enables your career services team to create job alerts for graduates with one click from 2.5 million jobs we import every day, getting students the jobs they need by email and text – automatically.  Bridge’s text chat bots gather information like current employers (to build more extern sites) and graduate satisfaction surveys through automated texting. Every activity is tracked in Conext and creating Accreditation Reports happens instantly!

Conext Employ – provides a cloud based job posting services for your employers, extern sites and other organizations who are interested in hiring your students.  Employers can log in, post jobs and instantly find candidates for their positions.  Employers can create a hiring profile that identifies people with the skills they typically hire. Then once a week or in real time those people, their resume and contact information are emailed to the employer.