39th Annual Conference

General Session Presentations:

Cyber Security – Today’s High-Value Targets – Higher Education Institutions

Presented By: Debi Enright – Executive Director, Information Security, American Career Colleges & Louis Archbold – Managing Principal, Rapid Response Retainer, Verizon Threat Research Advisory Center

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Legislative Update

Presented By: Robert Johnson – Executive Director, CAPPS & Matt Back, President, Matt Back Government Relations

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Presented By: Ryan Jenkins – WSJ Bestselling Author & Speaker

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Regulatory Update

Presented By: Tom Netting, Co-Executive Director, Career Schools Private Education Network

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Breakout Presentations:

Breakout 1 – AI and Its Implications for Higher Education

Presented By: Dr. Leah Matthews, DEAC

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Breakout 2 – Personal and Owner Entity Liability – What You Need to Know 

Presented By: Roger Swartzwelder, Maynard Nexsen; Dr. Geeta Brown, InterCoast Colleges; Daniel Kushman, Cobbs Allen

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Breakout 3 – 6 Mistakes Hurting Your Gen Z Enrollment

Presented By: Jenn Lyles – Beauty Schools Marketing Group; Erin Vargas, Bellus Academy

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Breakout 4 – Using Digital Tools to Provide Differentiated Instruction That Meets the Needs of All Learners

Presented By: Hollie Moots, Elsevier; Maggie Macias, Success Education Colleges

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Breakout 5 – Navigating the Maze of Title IX Compliance 

Presented By: Valerie Mendelsohn, Mendelsohn Solutions; Kate Lee Carey, Cooley LLP; Susan Pailet, American Career College; Brandon Sherman, Maynard Nexsen

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Breakout 6 – Compliance Casino: Are you Betting on the Right Moves? Top 10 Ways to Hedge your Bets with a Strong Compliance Program

Presented By: Audrey Kaplan, Vice President, Compliance & Risk Management West Coast University; Edward Cramp, Partner, Education Team Lead Duane Morris LLP

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Breakout 7 – Seizing the Opportunity: The Market Shift from Higher Education to Career Training in California
Presented By: Shane Sparks, Enrollment Resources; Burke Malin, Gurnick Academy

Breakout 8 – Leveraging Behavioral Science & AI to Increase Enrollment
Presented By: Burke Malin, COO, Gurnick Academy; Shane Sparks, CEO, Enrollment Resources

Breakout 9 – Experimenting with ChatGPT as an Audit Tool

Presented By: Steve Watkins, Unitek

Breakout 10 – The Unintended Consequences of Poor Manners and Etiquette – Critical for Job Placement

Presented By: Nick Terrenzi, Hubbard College of Administration

Breakout 11 – The Speed of Trust: The One Thing That Changes Everything
Presented By: Beylor Meza, COO, Success Education

Pre-Con 1 – Simplifying the New Consumer Information Requirements
Presented By: Sally Samuels, FAME; Erin Vargas, Bellus Academy

Pre-Con 3 – New FTC Cybersecurity Requirements – What Will Your Auditor Be Looking For?
Presented By: Jessica High and Michelle Donovan, Duane Morris; Ryan Malouf, Almich & Associates