Even prior to the Democrats winning back the House in last year’s midterms, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has long been on the left’s “hit” list. The publication Inside Higher Ed dubbed DeVos one of the “biggest losers” of the mid-term election.

To newly emboldened Democrats who view education as their exclusive fiefdom, DeVos has become a political pinata. In hearing after hearing, DeVos is vilified by ultra-left education “experts” who wage full-court character assaults that are happily repeated by the liberal media.

The Democrats’ orchestrated rebuke of DeVos should be taken as sober reassurance she is on the right track. America is paying the price for an education establishment that plays by its own rules with very little accountability. Democratic policies led us to sky-high tuition, low college completion rates, and publicly supported university campuses that serve as indoctrination outposts for socialist economics, politically correct speech and hateful intolerance.

With national student loan debt at $1.5 trillion, a tab that surpasses our cumulative credit card debt, one wonders why Democrats are manically focused on bashing DeVos while ignoring the substantive issues affecting higher education… (continue reading)