DJA Financial Aid Services, Inc.

Primary Contact:

Deborah John – President


3000 W Kellogg Drive
Wichita, KS 67213

Phone: (800) 242-0977

Website: DJA (

DJA Financial Aid Services, Inc. (DJA) offers comprehensive financial aid servicing and consulting to Title IV institutions nationwide. We provide our clients a stream-lined approach to administering the Title IV aid programs through our web-based software platform, New Leaf. Developed in house by capitalizing on the knowledge and expertise of DJA’s 34 years in the industry, our program automates financial aid administration, meets compliance standards and provides real-time updates of expected cash flow. Additionally, DJA provides unparalleled customer service though a dedicated quality control specialist, detailed updates on pressing industry announcements and a monthly webinar training program to keep your team up to date on current regulations. In a world of uncertainty, let DJA’s financial aid solutions provide you peace of mind.