Surgical Technology program is welcome addition to SJVC’s Rancho Cordova campus

by NYLA on October 3, 2018 · 9:00 am

The recent Open House that introduced SJVC’s new Surgical Technology program to the Rancho Cordova community had everything but a marching band. Over 200 guests, including campus staff, faculty, students and their friends and family, enjoyed a warm welcome and full program of speakers and activities.

Guests attending the new program’s ribbon-cutting represented many facets of the community, including medical services and health care facilities, Chamber of Commerce, political representatives and other local dignitaries. Many of the attending supporters and observers will one day work with or benefit from the services these students will provide once they are in the medical work force.

Visitors enjoyed tours of the campus and observed mock surgeries in the Surgical Technology program’s new operating room, which is equipped to support hands-on instruction and simulated surgical procedures.

“Students were able to perform an emergency C-section (cesarean) on a surgery-specific mannequin with removable and life-like organs,” says Stephanie Lueck, Surgical Technology Clinical Coordinator and instructor. “Three students were surgically scrubbed and in gowns and gloves, while the remaining participating students provided feedback to observers and answered questions.” A supervising instructor participated, as needed. Mannequin baby “Annie” was successfully delivered in each exercise.

Students from both the Surgical Tech and Respiratory Tech programs participated in this exercise, with surgical students performing the operation and handing the mock infant off to respiratory students. “One of our goals is to have Surgical Technology and Respiratory Technology students work together frequently,” says Amy Bianco, Dean of Student Services.

“I’m really excited for the community that we are adding the Surgical Technology program,” says Jeff Rutherford, Campus President. “Building on the great outcomes and reputation of our highly sought after and successful Respiratory Therapist program by adding Surgical Technology made perfect sense. It will bring yet another opportunity for our community members to seek higher education for a career that is both rewarding and in high demand.”

Many of the visitors were exploring the possibility of a career in one of these two medical fields.

“A forensic nurse pointed out how she was interested to learn about this (Surgical Technology) program because she had just sent a family member to another state to enroll in a similar program,” says Stephanie Lueck. “She was impressed with the quality of our lab and the students’ knowledge.”

Surgical Technology students were eager to share their program experiences with Open House guests. “Lab can be pretty intense, but every new thing we learn is interesting,” says Treena Rees. “To see, then do, what we are instructed on is exciting. Learning about and being a part of the C-section has, so far, been my best experience.”

Vladislav Okunev was the student speaker at the Open House and commented on the complexity of each surgery field. “I find it fascinating at the various instruments and different procedures that are categorized within its field and how they are approached,” he says. “Like endoscopic has its own multitude of instruments compared to ENT (ear, nose and throat) or general (surgery).”

“It is about to get even more real for Surgical Technology students,” says Rutherford. “Students are in their second term of instruction, and they are getting ready for their first clinical externship. This will be the point in the program where they will get to go into the hospitals and surgery centers to use the skills that they have been mastering for the past 10 months. Very exciting.”

The Rancho Cordova campus is pleased to offer two such strong programs whose graduates will bring a high level of skill and passion to the community they serve.

“I’m just so proud of everything the Surgical Technology and Respiratory Technology students have accomplished in their community outreach, dedication and efforts in their studies, and involvement in campus life,” says Amy Bianco. “It’s been fun and gratifying to watch their personal and professional growth.”

“This program (Surgical Technology) was already a life-changing experience that had great results on both my mental and physical life; teaching me so much technical stuff and great life skills,” says Okunev.

There is already a tremendous amount of interest from those exploring a career as a Surgical Technology in the program’s December 3rd start date.  If you or someone you know is interested in enrolling, contact us at 866-544-7898 or request more information.