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After the Collapse


Inside Higher Ed. Amid the fallout of more than 16,000 students shut outby Corinthian Colleges' closure, institutions from California to New York are teaming up with the U.S. Department of Education to help keep those students on track toward comp... Read more >

Money Talk


Inside Higher Ed. As colleges across the country attempt to navigate tough economic times and respond to calls to change their business models, conflicts abound. They are about not only the substance of various strategies, but about the ways ... Read more >

Fallout From Corinthian Collapse


Inside Higher Ed. The implosion of Corinthian Colleges over the past 10 months was an unprecedented challenge for the U.S. Department of Education. But navigating the politics left in the wake of the company’s collapse may prove even trickier. ... Read more >



Higher Education For All. Private sector institutions play a critical role in providing opportunities for new traditional students who have been largely overlooked and underserved by traditional institutions of higher education. New traditional stud... Read more >



Private sector institutions prepare students and provide them with relevant skills in high demand career fields. Since 2001, the number of credentials awarded to students attending private sector institutions increased by 165 percent. This means that... Read more >

Corinthian’s Last Rites


Wall Street Journal ... Read more >

Corinthian Announces Cessation of Effectively All Operations


Corinthian Colleges, Inc. Corinthian Colleges, Inc. (Nasdaq: COCO) today announced that the Company has ceased substantially all operations and discontinued instruction at its remaining 28 ground campuses. The company is working with other schools t... Read more >

Don’t Gloat When the Canary Dies


Inside Higher Ed. Robert Kelchen won Twitter yesterday with his observation that Corinthian Colleges’ move to close all of its remaining campuses will strand 16,000 students, in contrast to the closing of Sweet Briar College, which will strand a... Read more >

The Value of Private Sector Institutions


APSCU. Critics of private sector institutions continue to rely on dated anecdotes to portray our institutions in a negative light. These reports overlook the fact that private sector institutions are opening doors of opportunity for traditionally un... Read more >

Accreditation Under Fire


Inside Higher Ed. First they chopped off our hands. Figuratively, of course. The U.S. Department of Education, over the past decade, has made it clear that it expects accrediting agencies seeking recognition to judge student learning and institution... Read more >

14 Locations of DeVry U. Will Close, Parent Company Announces


The Chronicle of Higher Education. The DeVry Education Group will close 14 campuses of its namesake DeVry University by the end of the year, the company said on Thursday as it announced declines in enrollments and earnings for the fiscal quarter end... Read more >

Education Dept. Issues New Guidance on Campus Sexual Assault


The Chronicle of Higher Education. The U.S. Department of Education has released new guidance reminding colleges that they must designate Title IX coordinators. In the new documents, the department’s Office for Civil Rights describes colleges’ r... Read more >

World's Biggest For-Profit College Chain Plans $1 Billion IPO


Bloomberg Business. Laureate Education Inc., the largest for-profit college network in the world, is interviewing banks for a $1 billion initial public offering in the U.S., people with knowledge of the matter said. The company, whose honorary chan... Read more >

For Those Without One, College Degrees Are Seen as Important but Too Expensive


The Chronicle of Higher Education. In the eyes of Americans without college degrees, higher education seems necessary but too expensive. That is one of the main takeaways in a report released on Monday by the American Enterprise Institute, "High ... Read more >

The Increasingly Digital Community College


 Inside Higher Ed. Distance education at community colleges continues to increase even as overall enrollment at two-year institutions falls.  A study released Monday found distance education enrollments account for nearly all recent student gr... Read more >

Emergency order forces Corinthian Colleges to stop enrolling new students


The Orange County Register. Two Orange County campuses and 11 others in the state owned by embattled for-profit education giant Corinthian Colleges must stop enrolling new students this week under an emergency order from California consumer protecti... Read more >



Higher Education For All. The NCAA men’s basketball final between Duke and Wisconsin averaged 28.3 million viewers. Similarly, January’s NCAA football championship between Ohio State and Oregon averaged 33.4 million. A recent reportfound that 6... Read more >

Cost of College Ratings? For Education Dept., at Least $4 Million


The Chronicle of Higher Education. The U.S. Education Department has budgeted more than $4 million to build its controversial college-ratings system, Inside Higher Ed reports. The department’s contractwith RTI International shows that it has al... Read more >

Online Penalty


Inside Higher Ed. Many politicians and educators see online education as key to expanding access to higher education. But a large study of online education used by students at California's massive community college system cautions that student succe... Read more >

Rubio's Opening Salvo


Inside Higher Ed. Presidential candidates already are expounding on higher education, which is shaping up to be a campaign issue. We'll help you keep score for the next 19 months -- yes, 19 months -- with a new feature called "On the Stump." Check b... Read more >

A N.Y. success: for-profit colleges


NY Daily News. Across the country, for-profit colleges have prominent critics, President Obama included. For some good reasons: National data show that students at such schools default on their loans at high rates. And they’ve racked up complaint... Read more >

A College’s High Ranking Often Means Less Time With Professors


The Chronicle of Higher Education. Report: “Revisiting the Relationship Between Institutional Rank and Student Engagement” Authors: John D. Zilvinskis, research project associate, and Louis Rocconi, assistant scientist, both at Indiana Univer... Read more >

Free Community College, Structured Pathways: Survey of 2-Year-College Leaders


Inside Higher Ed. For all the talk about the prospect of free community college, most two-year-college leaders are skeptical about the feasibility that the concept will come to pass in their states. Even with the federal support that President Obam... Read more >

Regulating Job Placement


Inside Higher Ed. The federal government's gainful-employment standards for vocational programs at colleges kick into effect in three months, assuming two lawsuits filed by the for-profit sector don't block the new rules. This is the Obama adminis... Read more >

ACT's New Model of College and Career Readiness


Inside Higher Ed. ACT on Wednesday released a paper that seeks to define workplace readiness. The nonprofit testing firm also called for a new model of college and career readiness that argues that the skills needed in those two areas, while overl... Read more >

Education Dept. Approves Two More Direct-Assessment Programs


Inside Higher Ed. The U.S. Department of Education has granted federal aid eligibility to two new academic programs that do not rely on the credit hour -- a form of competency-based education called direct assessment. So far six institutions have ... Read more >

Clinton Criticizes For-Profits, Talks College Costs


Inside Higher Ed. Hillary Clinton, on her first trip to Iowa after declaring her presidential candidacy, criticized for-profit colleges and talked about college costs in a discussion at Kirkwood Community College. She said it was important to look ... Read more >

Debt Collector Suit Fails


Inside Higher Ed. A federal judge on Tuesday dismissed a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Education by four student loan debt collection companies that claim the department arbitrarily cut ties with them earlier this year. The decision by U... Read more >

Corinthian Dismantling Continues


Inside Higher Ed. The U.S. Department of Education on Tuesday fined Corinthian Colleges nearly $30 million for misrepresenting job placement rates at its Heald College chain, which officials said the troubled for-profit education company must now... Read more >



Solutions at Work. This week, Solutions at Work LIVE is hosting employer discussions about work/life insights and innovative approaches to employee assistance. Follow along at #SAWLIVE and check back next week for all the news from this Bright Hor... Read more >

Public Colleges' Revenue Shift


Inside Higher Ed. Tuition dollars made up roughly 47 percent of revenues for public higher education for the third straight year in 2014, cementing a trend in which tuition revenue now rivals state appropriations as the main funder of public colleg... Read more >

Rule by ‘Dear Colleague’ Letter: The Department of Education’s Stealth Regulation


Cato Institute. We’ve noted repeatedly how the U.S. Department of Education, using authority it claims under Title IX and other federal laws, has arm-twisted the nation’s colleges and universities into stripping away procedural protections f... Read more >

Corinthian vs. California


Inside Higher Ed Corinthian Colleges, the embattled for-profit education company, is going on the offensive in California as it looks to sell its remaining campuses that continue to enroll thousands of students.  The company has accused state Atto... Read more >

New Offering From Noodle Will Help Colleges Build Online Programs


The Chronicle of Higher Education The education site Noodle is putting a new twist on helping colleges create online degree and certificate programs with its creation of Noodle Partners, announced on Wednesday. Noodle Partners, the brainchild of t... Read more >

Emerging Path to Federal Aid


Inside Higher Ed A scenario in which a student can use a Pell Grant to help pay for a bundle of edX courses no longer seems so far-fetched. Political support is building for a system to encourage and oversee higher education upstarts that... Read more >

Facing closure, Heald College accuses Kamala Harris of hampering sale


Capitol Alert Facing deadlines with creditors and potential closure in the coming weeks, the president of Heald College released an open letter to Attorney General Kamala Harris on Wednesday, asking for leniency as the school attempts to secure a bu... Read more >

The Many Meanings of Free


Inside Higher Ed When the Community College of Philadelphia announced it was launching a tuition-free program for incoming students, the emphasis was on low-income, Pell Grant-eligible families. When Harper College in suburban Chicago mad... Read more >

Education Department Clarifies Loan Counseling Flexibility


Inside Higher Ed The U.S. Department of Education on Monday clarified that colleges are able to take some active steps to help students avoid excessive loan amounts. Federal law requires that colleges in most cases disburse to students an... Read more >

A Simpler Path, Authors Say, Is Key to Community-College Completion


The Chronicle of Higher Education Community colleges need to fundamentally overhaul the way they offer courses by giving students fewer choices, a more structured curriculum, and better guidance from registration through graduation, according to the... Read more >

Private Loan Takedown


Inside Higher Ed As scrutiny of for-profit institutions increases, direct private loans from those institutions to students are becoming rarer. One reason is that states have joined federal agencies in scrutinizing the sector over its ... Read more >

Relief for Community Colleges


Inside Higher Ed The Obama administration is proposing to make it easier for colleges with high loan default rates but few students taking out loans to avoid losing their eligibility for federal student aid.   Officials last week unveiled a draft ... Read more >

Tax-Exempt Status of Large College Endowments Hurts Taxpayers, Report Argues


The Chronicle of Higher Education Report: Rich Schools, Poor Students: Tapping Large University Endowments to Improve Student Outcomes Authors: Jorge Klor de Alva and Mark Schneider Organization: Nexus Research and Policy Center Summary: Followin... Read more >

Are Harvard, Yale, and Stanford really public universities?


The Washington Post More than 800 colleges and universities across North America hold endowment assets of $516 billion. But the top 10 schools in terms of assets have about $180 billion of that total, one-fifth of all the holdings. Harvard Universit... Read more >

The 90/10 Rule Hurts Access To Postsecondary Education For New Traditional Students


Higher Education For All Students who borrow to earn a postsecondary credential do so because the lifetime benefits of an education far outweigh the costs. Often the students who rely the most on federal student aid are the ones who need postsecon... Read more >

Online For-Profit in Colorado to Close


Inside Higher Ed. Jones International University, an online, for-profit institution based in Colorado, has announced plans to shut down. The university was the first online university to receive regional accreditation, which was controver... Read more >

Surveying the MOOC Landscape


Inside Higher Ed. If massive open online course offerings from Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology could be described as a city, then computer science would be its vibrant downtown core, surrounded by less de... Read more >

Cash Monitoring List Unveiled


Inside Higher Ed. The U.S. Department of Education on Tuesday, for the first time, named most of the hundreds of colleges whose federal aid it has restricted because of concerns about their finances or compliance with federal requirements. The depa... Read more >

U.S. to Identify Colleges Under Scrutiny


Inside Higher Ed. The U.S. Department of Education plans to name the colleges whose access to federal money it has restricted because of concerns about the risk they pose to students and taxpayers. And most of the institutions placed on those financ... Read more >

Drexel Pulls Back


Inside Higher Ed. Drexel University has begun to scale back a series of expansion efforts, a sign that the university’s ambitious plans may not have played out as hoped. The university mostly recently decided to shut down a campus in S... Read more >

Report Criticizes Higher Ed's Embrace of Sustainability


Inside Higher Ed. Sustainability has become "higher education's new fundamentalism," according to a report released Wednesday by the National Association of Scholars, a group that is an advocate for a traditional college curriculum. Sustainability i... Read more >

Enrollment Woes Continue for U. of Phoenix


Inside Higher Ed. Apollo Education Group's revenue and enrollment slide has continued, according to a corporate filing released this week. The publicly traded company, which owns the University of Phoenix, had a net-revenue decline of 15 percent, or... Read more >

U.S. Keeps Scrutiny of Risky Colleges Secret


Inside Higher Ed. The U.S. Department of Education is so concerned about the risk that dozens of colleges pose to students and taxpayers that it has curtailed access to federal money at those institutions -- but it won’t say which ones. Even as ... Read more >

Why more U.S. colleges will go under in the next few years


MarketWatch. When officials at Sweet Briar College announced earlier this month that the Virginia women's’ school would close at the end of this year, the news drew the attention of countless national media outlets and panicked alumnae looking for... Read more >

5 surprises behind the student debt crisis


CBS News. By now Americans have become inured to reports about the nation's college debt crisis. Students have borrowed well over $1 trillion in their pursuit of degrees, and for some, repaying that debt has become a lifelong struggle. What has l... Read more >

Grand Canyon Seen as Unlikely to Go Private, Nonprofit


Inside Higher Ed. Grand Canyon University's chances of going private have dropped considerably, the Phoenix Business Journal reported based on an interview with the for-profit college's president. Brian Mueller told the Journal that there was less ... Read more >

U.S. Appeals Court Backs Accreditor’s Decision Against a Massage School


The Chronicle of Higher Education. In January 2014 a federal judge in Virginia reversed an accreditor’s decision to revoke the accreditation of a massage school in Missouri, and took the unusual step of awarding more than $400,000 in damages to th... Read more >

New York Governor Wants to Reduce Degree Regulations


Inside Higher Ed. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and Senate Republicans want to reduce state oversight of offerings at the state's public and private colleges, Capital reports. The state's strong Education Department has authority over w... Read more >

House Republicans Would Slow Spending on Pell Grants to Help Balance Budget


The Chronicle of Higher Education. Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives unveiled a budget blueprint on Tuesday that would slow spending on Pell Grants as part of an effort to balance the federal budget. The plan, which would slash spend... Read more >

Community College Transfer Network Expands


Inside Higher Ed. The American Honors Network, a transfer consortium that links community colleges with four-year institutions, has expanded to include more than 50 partner colleges. The for-profit company creates a pathway for students to enroll i... Read more >

Crossing State Lines


Inside Higher Ed. California’s 112-campus community college system is making it easier for graduates to attend historically black colleges and universities across the country. The system is launching a new program that guarantees s... Read more >

Education Dept. Considers Creating Not 1 but 2 College-Ratings Systems


The Chronicle of Higher Education. The Education Department, under continued fire over its planned college-rating system, is considering creating two systems, an agency official said at a policy briefing here on Monday. The first ratings system wou... Read more >

Median Salaries of Tenured and Tenure-Track Professors at 4-Year Colleges, 2014-15


The Chronicle of Higher Education. The median base salaries of tenured and tenure-track professors at four-year colleges increased by 2 percent in 2014 — a rate of salary growth that was down a tenth of a percent from the previous year, according ... Read more >

Legislation Linking Tuition to Average Wage Passes Washington State Senate


The Chronicle of Higher Education. A bill that would tie tuition at public colleges in Washington State to a portion of the average state wage passed the State Senate on Wednesday, The Spokesman-Review reports. The measure would sharply cut the co... Read more >

Some Faculty Defend Anti-Flag Students at Irvine


Inside Higher Ed. The push by some student government members at the University of California at Irvine to ban the U.S. flag from the student government office areas -- though unsuccessful -- has attracted widespread criticism. Many have n... Read more >

U. of California Leaders Condemn Anti-Semitism


The Chronicle of Higher Education. Students and administrators are rushing to condemn anti-Semitism at the University of California at Los Angeles after several weeks of controversy over whether a student vying for a spot on a judicial panel was dis... Read more >

Feds’ Debt Collector Drama


Inside Higher Ed. Two of the debt collection companies that the U.S. Department of Education earlier this monthaccused of misleading borrowers could potentially continue to collect defaulted loans on the department’s behalf under a different contr... Read more >

Student Loans Viewed Differently Than Other Debt, Study Finds


Inside Higher Ed. Borrowers of federal student loans have a "fundamentally different" relationship to their debt than other financial obligations, according to a new report by the New America think tank. The report, written by Jason Delisle and ... Read more >

The March 2015 Meme of Job Growth, Low Wages


Fox & Hounds. In public policy, we often ignore the obvious, due to partisanship, the desire to get along, or ideology. So it is with last Friday’s “puzzle” over both the state and federal jobs reports showing strong job gains, with weak w... Read more >

What Obama’s ‘Student Aid Bill of Rights’ Will — and Won’t — Do


The Chronicle of Higher Education. President Obama’s latest effort to improve student lending has a catchy-sounding name — the Student Aid Bill of Rights — and it’s garnering praise from consumer advocates and Congressional Democrats. But d... Read more >

‘Weeding the garden’ of federal regs on higher education

03/10/2015 The Higher Education Act totals nearly 1,000 pages. There are more than 1,000 pages in the official Code of Federal Regulations devoted to higher education, and on average every workday the Department of Education issues one n... Read more >

The “why” behind career colleges


MPACT. Just in case the Department of Education has forgotten, or in the event there is a bad actor left out there who is getting a little too greedy with enrollment demands, here is a very simple reminder of why the good people of for-profit career... Read more >

'Bill of Rights' for Student Borrowers


Inside Higher Ed. The Obama administration will announce Tuesday that it plans to create a centralized complaint system for federal student loan borrowers as well as a single Web site where they can manage their loan payments.  In remarks at the G... Read more >

Community College Enrollment and Completion Data


Inside Higher Ed. Nationwide community college enrollment numbers continue to decline. But student completion rates in the sector are higher than many people think. Those are the two primary findings in a new report the American Associati... Read more >

The Digital Skills Divide


Inside Higher Ed. Colleges can bridge the "middle skills" career gap by offering more courses focused on digital skills, a new report suggests.  Those careers in the middle require a high school diploma, but not a bachelor's degree. In 2012, 54 pe... Read more >

Drexel Will Phase Out Sacramento Programs


Inside Higher Ed. Drexel University has decided to stick to its Philadelphia home. The university announced major plans in 2008 to build up both undergraduate and graduate programs in Sacramento. Then in 2011 the university called off the plans to b... Read more >

Change From Within


Inside Higher Ed. The White House is running short on time to accomplish its goal of encouraging more experimentation with competency-based education and new accreditation pathways. So the Obama administration's Department of Education th... Read more >

Drexel Will Close Its Sacramento Campus


The Chronicle of Higher Education. Drexel University will close its campus in Sacramento, it announced on Thursday, ending a years-long attempt by the Philadelphia university to establish itself as a bicoastal institution, The Sacramento Bee report... Read more >

Republican Rocky Chávez launches bid for Boxer seat


The Sacramento Bee. Assemblyman Rocky Chávez formally entered the contest to replace retiring U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer on Thursday, offering himself as a pragmatic leader focused on strengthening national security, educational opportunities and the ... Read more >

Distance Ed Myths Debunked


Inside Higher Ed. In fall 2013, one in every eight students enrolled at colleges and universities in the U.S. studied exclusively online. One in every four students took at least one online course. Those and other findings, released this ... Read more >

Debt Relief for Corinthian Students?


Inside Higher Ed. The Obama administration, under pressure from Congressional Democrats and consumer advocates, is deciding whether to relieve the debt of some federal student loan borrowers who attended Corinthian Colleges. Under Secreta... Read more >

5 Big Ideas from the APSCU State of the Workforce Symposium


APSCU. For two days, APSCU convened some of the most provocative thought leaders in postsecondary education and workforce. The result was several engaging discussions on how best to close the skills gap, align academic programming with workforce dem... Read more >

Thousands of Veterans Have Filed Complaints Against Colleges in New U.S. System


The Chronicle of Higher Education. Thousands of veterans and active-duty members of the armed services have filed complaints against colleges through an online system created just over a year ago, officials in the Departments of Defense and Veterans... Read more >

Fight Escalates Over U. of California Admissions, Budgets


Inside Higher Ed. Tensions between the University of California System and state leaders escalated Tuesday, The Sacramento Bee reported. State officials have been pushing the university system to shift some admissions slots from out-of-state applica... Read more >

The GBP Interview: Kevin De León


Grizzly Bear Project. Kevin De León is the poster child for on-the-job training. He was elected to the Assembly in 2006 as the product of a political deal, anointed by his childhood friend, then-Speaker Fabian Nuñez as the speaker in waiting. De ... Read more >

Feds Fire 5 Debt Collectors


Inside Higher Ed. The U.S. Department of Education saidFriday it will end contracts with five companies that collect defaulted federal student loans after finding they made “materially inaccurate representations” to struggling borrowers. The ag... Read more >

College ratings plan not the answer


The Hill. Do engineers matter more than the science teachers who fired their imaginations? Are accounting majors more valuable to our society than someone studying theology? Should a university receive less financial aid because their students... Read more >

Art plays role in social change


U-T San Diego. As an African-American college teacher, I am encouraged by the effort to promote black history. Education is the great equalizer and the deeper our understanding of our nation’s collective history, the more swiftly we will move towa... Read more >

6 key trends accelerating technology adoption in higher education in 2015


Times Higher Education. The NMC Horizon Report: 2015 Higher Education Edition came out earlier this month, declaring what its panel of experts believes to be the key trends that will accelerate the adoption of technology in higher education in the c... Read more >

Are colleges over-regulated?


The Washington Post. Senators from both major parties are promoting efforts to simplify federal regulations of colleges and universities, seeking to lay the groundwork for a rewrite of the nation’s higher education law. Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Te... Read more >

Chancellors Urge Congress to Ease Costly Rules on Colleges


The Chronicle of Higher Education. A pair of influential college chancellors asked Congress for regulatory relief on Tuesday, two weeks after they issued a report concluding that colleges are "enmeshed in a jungle of red tape." Testifying before th... Read more >

What We’ve Learned from California’s Previous “Wars on Poverty”


Fox & Hounds. In his 2015-2016 Budget Summary, Governor Jerry Brown elevates the issue of poverty in California. Over the next few months in a series of postings at Fox & Hounds, we will address what we’ve learned from California’s pr... Read more >

Students are returning to for-profit colleges


The Hechinger Report. Here’s a puzzle. Enrollment continued to decline at public community colleges this 2014-15 academic year, but not so much at private, for-profit ones. Of course, the for-profit colleges offer not only two-year degrees, but al... Read more >

In Debt, Making New Promises


Inside Higher Ed. In largely unnoticed side deals with investors, several colleges have promised they will raise prices on students, force students to live in dorms and even increase class sizes as they lay off faculty. These are not for-... Read more >

Blurring the Nonprofit/For-Profit Divide


Inside Higher Ed. It used to be simple. For decades, providers of higher education were either nonprofit (the vast majority, public or private) or for-profit, sometimes massive, like the University of Phoenix, and more commonly the nearby ... Read more >

California Gives Corinthian’s Heald Colleges a Temporary Reprieve on State-Grants Ban


The Chronicle of Higher Education. The California Student Aid Commission has temporarily halted its revocation of state-tuition grants, known as Cal Grants, for students attending Heald College campuses, The Sacramento Bee reported. The commission ... Read more >

Feedback on Ratings, Round 3


Inside Higher Ed. From the moment President Obama called for a federal college ratings system some 18 months ago, colleges and universities have criticized the ideaand lobbied against it. But as the Obama administration charges ahead with the propo... Read more >

Accreditor Must Revisit Decision to Close City College of San Francisco


The Chronicle of Higher Education. The accrediting body that voted to revoke City College of San Francisco’s accreditation will have to reconsider that decision, a judge ruled on Tuesday. The San Francisco Examiner reports that the Accrediting ... Read more >

Community College Completion Rates Dropping in Most States, Finds Survey


Education Week. On the heels of President Obama's proposal to provide free community college tuition, a new report shows that while degree and certificate productivity has increased among community colleges in the past decade, there was a drop in co... Read more >

Making Them Pay


Inside Higher Ed. Community college students should be able to afford to take two courses every spring, summer and fall semester, a new policy paper from New America argues, but a number of barriers -- especially surrounding financial aid ... Read more >

The Promise and Failure of Community Colleges


The New York Times. There are two critical things to know about community colleges. The first is that they could be the nation’s most powerful tools to improve the opportunities of less privileged Americans, giving them a shot at harnessing a fas... Read more >