Pearson Education, Inc.

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Ashley Oxborough
Director of Marketing, Institutional Campaigns

221 River Street
Hoboken, NJ  07030

P: (612) 207-8918


Pearson is the world’s learning company, committed to providing students with greater access to a more affordable college education, creating learning experiences that lead to fulfilling careers and better lives.

As institutions are increasingly tasked with finding strategies to improve student retention, completion, and graduation rates, we are focused on this once-in-a-generation opportunity to transform education. A Pearson institutional partnership can better prepare students for lifelong learning in a changing economy via digital learning, innovation, and a keen understanding of the future of skills.

Technology continues to effect rapid change in higher education. Understanding the key challenges helps you make the best choices for your students and faculty. As a full-service partner, Pearson offers expertise, high-quality content, and investment in digital technologies to empower your institution to compete and excel with student-centered solutions.

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