Gragg Advertising

Primary Contact

Darryl Mattox – President/COO

Lisa Olmedo – Vice President of Business Development

450 E. 4th Street, Suite 100
Kansas City, MO 64106

P: (816) 931-0050
F: (816) 931-0051


GRAGG ADVERTISING is a full service, integrated marketing EDU agency with expertise in all media channels. Gragg implements attribution modeling for its client. Attribution modeling is the understanding of how each media channel works with others to give you the greatest results. We have expertise in creative and brand development, traditional media, PPI, PPC, Social, SEO, Web development, referral strategies, admissions training and a host of proprietary products and services. All in-house. No outsourcing. Our unique integrated strategy with proven direct response tactics delivers quantifiable results. “With Gragg Advertising it is…Expectations Exceeded!”

We offer free marketing evaluations and recommendations on any and all marketing efforts below is a list for you. Also if a member lets us know that they are a CAPPS member and they sign with us then we will waive set up fees for any service. Set up fees can run from $350 to $1500 depending on the service.

Gragg offers free evaluations and recommendation on:

  • Complete evaluation on all marketing efforts
  • Website (Site and Local)
  • ADA Compliance
  • Pay Per Click
  • Pay Per Lead
  • Social Display
  • Social Media Management
  • Traditional and Online Media (TV, Outdoor, Direct Mail, Radio)
  • Branding
  • Creative assets (catalogs, one sheets, commercials, landing pages etc)

Plus, our free monthly webinars are always something anyone can join.